Corepad DeskPad Review @ RexWare

A new French review about the new sizes Corepad DeskPads is available and again it is good.

> Corepad offers a new series of gigantic surfaces. They offer a great work surface, are very pleasant and ergonomic, guarantee a good glide with an interesting touch.<

It gets a impressive GOLDAWARD. Check RexWare.

Corepad DeskPads Review @ XSReviews

The 1st review about the new sizes Corepad DeskPads is available and it is good.

>I was quite impressed with the Deskpad once I got used to it. It’s got the high texture necessary for precision mouse movements, but it’s also incredibly comfortable unlike most plastic mouse mats.<

They received 9 out of 10. Check XSReviews.

Corepad Keira Review @ XSReviews

The 1st review about the new Corepad Keira is available and it is good.

>For competitive multiplayer gaming, or LAN gaming I¡¦d definitely consider the Keira as my mouse mat of choice. It¡¦s got all the features that you need to help give you that edge: brilliant DPI tracking without any rough obtrusive textures, light weight, stable, affordable<

The Corepad Keira received 8 out of 10. Check XSReviews.

Corepad released brand new pads and webshop

Corepad announces new sizes of the very popular ORIGINAL DeskPads and brand new finely textured plastic mousepads, the Keira series

New sizes DeskPads up to 120 x 60 cm and brand new plastic mousepads

The Netherlands – November 17, 2011 - Corepad, the manufacturer and distributor of PC gaming accessories, introduced the Corepad DeskPads in new sizes.

The Corepad DeskPad series are made of very durable, extreme large, flexible and smooth cloth. These huge mousepads will cover most of your Desk and are available in 3 sizes. It’s supposed to put your keyboard or Laptop on as well. Besides that your arms lean comfortable on the surface.

At the same time Corepad introduced a black and white version of a finely textured plastic mousepad, called the Keira.

The Corepad Keira gaming mouse pad series are made of a finely textured hard plastic material, optimized for the next generation gaming mice. The tracking capability of this surface is the best, which results in extreme precise mouse movements. The Corepad keira series is for everyone who demand a consistent precision, accuracy and medium friction. The non-slip rubber base prevents the pad from sliding.

The new and old Corepad products are available from the BRAND NEW Corepad webshop aswell as from various other online retailers around the globe. Just check the “buy” section on this website.

About Corepad©

Corepad is a manufacturer of “gaming” surfaces and replacement mouse feet, selling in various countries as of 2003. At this moment Corepad has many different surfaces on the market and do have the most models of replacement mouse feet around the world. Corepad is working on other nice products which will be released beginning of 2012. All Corepad products are developed in co-operation with professional users to ensure the best performance and durability.

6 new models of replacement mouse feet (Skatez) released

6 new models Corepad Skatez (replacement mouse feet) available from our SHOP.

Features of the Corepad Skatez

* To replace existing (worn, damaged or lost) mouse feet for gaming-optimized response

* Reduces the friction between the mouse and mouse pad

* Provides a smoother gliding experience

* Increase the tracking accuracy

* Made of 100% PTFE

* Enough for 2 replacement sessions

Newest models

* for Razer Naga Epic

* for Razer Spectre

* for Razer TRON®

* for Steelseries Cataclysm

* for CM Storm Spawn

* for Gigabyte M6900 / M6980

Just € 1,99 shipping costs worldwide!

Check out the SHOP now.

Check also the great Corepad and Mousepads.

Best regards,

Corepad Team


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